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Columbia’s enthusiasm quotient rose measurably yesterday as 224 orientation leaders arrived on campus to commence preparations for welcoming their charges on Sunday and Monday. As part of their training, the OLs did a run through of BlaZe, a mixer on speed that will replace NSOP’s traditional and widely-reviled “diversity event” CUnity. (Yes, we BlaZed in the rain). One component of the extravaganza had OLs complete a dry run of the frat party favorite–back off, Colombo, it’s just soda.

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Penny bouncing

Bouncing pennies is infuriating. Trust us.

Pie face 1

pie face 2

Find the kosher gummy worm!

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  1. The Observer

    Yikes. Without naming names, some people really gained weight this summer.

  2. cynic

    I'm a little rusty on my Bible learnin', but I'm pretty sure there's a passage tucked away somewhere between "four horsemen" and "end of days" about the locust-like infestation of the class of 2010...

  3. sigh

    No CUnity?!?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  4. france  

    hey im in the bwog!

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