West Coast to the Westside

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International and West Coast first-years have arrived! They are soggy, worn-out, and a bit irritable, but not nearly as irritable as they could be. The rain has slowed to an intermittent drizzle, Housing and Dining has soundtracked the event with weather appropriate songs like “Singing in the Rain,” the lines for the elevators at John Jay and Carman are short, and the OLs doing the heavy lifting are unnaturally sunny.


So, kiss mom and dad goodbye and let the debauchery of Orientation Week begin!

More photos of wet and eager first-years and their harried parents after the jump… 







And now to cram it all into a John Jay single…

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  1. alma  

    you guys really need to work on the photography.

  2. what is

    this lionshare business?

  3. oh noes!

    oh noes! is bwog changing formats? ::scared::

  4. Zach vS

    LionShare is (and always was) our publication system, written internally. It's just being upgraded and renamed.

  5. dear bwog

    please spell "carman" right. what the hell?

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