1. facebook  

    I wish I had known that there was a "I wish I had known" part to this facebook. While the cover does suck, the interior is kind of cool. Did anyone notice on the page of things to do before you graduate that they have pictures of these things? Probably not. Someone had to point it out to me.

  2. i cant take this

    orientation Bwog anymore..

  3. yes!

    entertaining all the way through! thanks, addison!

  4. you forgot

    the most obvious dig: the half-upside down title. how innovatively subversive!

    the whole thing makes this place feel like the lee c. bollinger academy for kids who can't read good.

  5. actually...

    "As for you fresh-years: get off right now. I know you haven't had it for very long, but the site has become officially weird."

    Sorry Addison, but they've probably been on facebook longe before they got their UNI's in June. It's evil tentacles have embraced HS. Hospital Maternity Wards are next.

  6. Tony Fu Fan Club

    Tony Fu does rule. At least you got that much right.

  7. alum

    the formatting is messed up...

  8. Fu2k

    That's because Bwog didn't hire Tony Fu, or Tony Fu consistently turned down Bwog. Why? Because Tony Fu is too cool for Bwog. If Tony Fu were working on Bwog, the formatting would be fine.

    - Fans of Tony Fu

  9. Lenny

    Did you you know the Manhattan Project to build the first atomic bomb began at Columbia and then was moved to the University of Chicago under the grandstand at the UofC football stadium when the UofC Maroons kicked ass in the Big 10 before it wound up exploding over the desert in New Mexico? Jay Berwanger from the Uof C was the first winner of the Heisman Trophy. Is that not great or what?

  10. Copy Edit

    Paragraph 1, Line 1, Clause 2 should read "people HAD to." Otherwise, this was one of the most entertaining posts I've read in a while.

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