1. cream of the crop

    it will take a lot of core to fashion you boys into gentlemen...

  2. sandals?

    when are sandals ever a GOOD choice?

  3. the lawn

    must be a disaster. after all that resodding. schade.

  4. the steps

    To think, for those two students, nearly 20 were turned down.

  5. Anonymous  

    Spec Orientation Edition is halfway decent. What is surprising is that the "Campus Controversies" section didn't mention Manhattanville once.

  6. alma  

    it's in the "Welcome to New York" section. they split the news by campus and city.

    i agree, though, it's got some pretty decent information there.

  7. strike 3

    class of '10. you have now earned scorn and saturday night urine showers from adjacent windows

  8. but really

    sandals are actually a pretty good choice when it's wet outside but not too cold. sort of worked for me when I didn't have rainboots.

    that facebook group comment is lame, though.

  9. wonk wonk wonk

    Of course, everything just has to revert to Facebook. Ay.

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