1. seriously

    can we put the harlem subway jokes to rest? it's getting severely hackneyed.

  2. tate jackson

    is he a son of ipswich? did his legacy connections not work at princeton or yale? I thought tuxedoed wasps were an endangered species here.

  3. eh..

    he looks like a member of a band from the british invasion to me--not necessarily a yuppie

  4. alma  

    omg, i would be so mortified if my photo was up here.

  5. although  

    this was done in fairly good taste. when i saw the headline, i cringed. but addison did a pretty good job with it and not totally mortifying these folks. although, since i am not them, i really can't speak authoritatively on the matter.

  6. if i were  

    a freshman, and i knew addison anderson knew my name and face, i'd be honored.

  7. Fu Fighters

    When (and where) can I pick up a Tony Fu t-shirt?

    Tony Fu > Cowbell

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