1. bored at butler!  

    where's bored at butler? it's 8/31!

    get on it, bwog!

  2. watersports

    the idea of peeing on freshmen boys is an amazing image.

  3. silly freshmen

    they're not real columbians until an NYU student has mocked them for not being real new yorkers.

  4. speaking of  

    being a new yorker...

    a blind man called me stupid on the subway the other day. it would have been fine if he had not kept at it for about 2 minutes.

    i feel as if i have crossed a threshold.

  5. golden showers....  

    they're refreshing!

  6. the first one

    is pretty cute

  7. secret  

    you are not a real new yorker until u have gone to our public schools, grown up playing on our basketball courts, eating at our pizzerias, speaking with our new york accent, and not being snobby....that is what being a real new yorker is all about...yes we can ride the subways without a map...we dont worry about taking the 2 train to harlem...and we are not as rude as u think we are.

  8. golden showers

    can we go back to talking about peeing on floppy haired freshmen boys?

  9. I pee

    on all floppy haired boys, not just freshmen! THAT'S what being a real new yorker is all about.

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