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blazeshirtNSOP Orientation Leaders received an e-mail this morning from a distressed committtee member regarding those colored shirts from Wednesday’s first-year battle.

“I have a bit of bad news.  CUArts’ biggest donor was walking out of Low Wednesday night, after meeting with Mr. Jeff Sachs himself, and saw all the new students standing around Low plaza wearing their fabulous CUArts BlaZe t-shirts.  He thought it was so cool, that he wants a BlaZe shirt himself.  Large, any color.  The bad news is….we are out of shirts.  So, if you have a large shirt, and don’t want or need it, please, please, please return it to 505 Lerner.  It would really help us out, and make a big difference to CUArts.”

Update: A T-shirt has been found!

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  1. don't worry  

    we found a shirt. phew. that was a close call.

  2. thats

    kinda awesome. a well planned event? maybe thats what happens when you put a freshman in charge who remembers exactly how awful cunity was...

    newflash folks, this is how stuff gets done- with donors and taking care of them. its good to see that at least some part of columbia is pretty darned good at developement- and getting the benefits of that fund raising to students in some form.

  3. it was not  

    the freshman who was in charge who planned this event. She had nothing to do with it.

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