Clean clothes, sparkling soul

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wiskColumbia is not fertile ground for religiosity. And Bwog’s pretty savvy about the conventional evangelical techniques, like free copies of the New Testament and the sweet women who accost us with invitations to Bible study on our way across College Walk. What got us was the man at the Amsterdam gates handing out boxes of detergent (a one-dollar value!), which came with a helpful postcard of laundry tips and a notice about a place called Journey Church. Thanks for the soap, guys. Bwog might come if you did our laundry too. 

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  1. Anonymous  

    But... the nice woman is SO hard to say "no" to! Just yesterday I somehow ended up with several flyers...

  2. haha

    the journey church is a 'casual contemporary christian church' or some nonsense like that. but they're cool. they were handing out bottles of cold water in midtown once on a hot day.

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