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hold steadyYour decision on whether or not to stick around for the Concert on the Steps tomorrow  just got a little easier–our sources say that  the event will be headlined by The Hold Steady, a Brooklyn-based band whose members hail from Minnesota. And rock the geek chic. Openers will be leaked as information becomes available. 

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  1. at least it's not

    hip hop. for once.

    senor ernesto's impact on tomorrow's forecast should make it interesting.

    btw, what the hell band in new york isn't brooklyn based? do young people even live in manhattan anymore?

  2. dude

    They're actually pretty damn good, I've seen them around at some clubs. Seriously, before you make judgements listen to the mp3s on their website...

  3. rain  

    its been moved inside, duh. its in roone arledge now.

  4. dudette  

    How do you get to be a part of CU concerts anyway? It seems like they consistently pick the suck, while other schools get the nonsuck.

  5. agreed.

    cuconcerts? how to join and avoid SUCK

  6. Ummm...  

    Picking The Walkmen, Yo La Tengo, Outkast, Ben Folds, Ghostface Killah, and Kanye West in the last six years seems like a pretty decent performance on their part.

  7. do you

    have to be a student to get into this show? and what time do the hold steady actually go on?

  8. hey nonstudent #2

    I didn't mean that to be's just, if you're a fan of the band, you can probably see them at some venue in brooklyn. do you really want to come to a school you don't attend's freshmen orientation concert?

  9. Anonymous

    brooklyn vegan says it's in roone arledge, I'm guessing on account of weather. man that sucks, ghostface played in the rain and it was awesome

  10. CU Student

    Not sure when they go on, but I'm sure you could go to the show even if you're not a student just signing yourself into Lerner.

  11. hey jerk--

    wow, check the ivy league attitude! i was just asking a question. hold steady are a band not to be missed, and i don't want to miss them. it's good to know that you kids up there will be doing your best to make everyone else feel uncomfortable.

    • ahem

      we are not a welcoming committee to a venue that new yorkers are entitled to enjoy for free. we are a private university, not a public park or suny columbia. you have no automatic right to be treated graciously when you walk onto our grounds. that said, I don't think you will feel comfortable amidst our freshmen even if they are gracious.

      • ugh

        Jesus, and we wonder why people hate Columbia students. Actually, College Walk is still technically a public way, not private property. Even if it weren't, that's no reason to be an asshole.

        To #11/16, if it's outdoors you definitely don't need to be a student, if it's in Lerner you'll have to get someone to sign you in unless they open the turnstyles to accomodate the crowds. And with a few obvious exceptions, we're actually decent people. At any rate, the freshmen haven't been here long enough to get that much of a stick up their ass.

        To bwog or whoever knows: What time is the show?

        • um, no

          when eisenhower was president of columbia, he swapped land columbia owned upstate for OWNERSHIP of college walk. if it were actually a public way, it couldn't be gated by columbia or profiled by its guards. yes, we are kind enough to let people take shortcuts through campus. no, I do not think just anyone should be able to use our campus/facilities/advantages as a school. shouldn't we have at least a bit of a community here independent from the rest of new york? isn't that the idea behind having a campus like we have anyway?

          • moreover

            there's no end to the ill effects of laid-back egalitarianism on columbia. what if anyone off the street could take classes here? what if anyone could participate in our activities and use their funds? do you really think you would have found this place as attractive if everyone in new york was competing for professors' time or camping on the lawns or whatever? people who go here worked hard to go to a private school with all the advantages it entails- and the social price of those advantages is exclusivity.

            so, with due respect to random people from brooklyn, columbia is paying for that concert with my tuition money, and that of many other columbians. columbia pays for the facility it will be played in with that money as well. columbia is able to manage its resources effectively because it is selective.

            I don't feel like an asshole saying what those who came here for the aforementioned reasons but nevertheless feel unformfortable not opening the floodgates cannot or will not say.

  12. its me

    I heard a rumor that The Spinto Band will be opening!

  13. hey unconfortable

    get off our elite gossip site.
    ah, that's better.

  14. NYU Grad

    i'm going to see sneak in to see the show, eat a bunch of free cheeseburgers, drink a fifth of beam and then impregnate eleven freshmen.

  15. tischman

    esoteric? go back to musichum and pick up some cocktail party tidbits that might impress someone very few people care for.

    show's at 2 p.m.

  16. yosss  

    I hear Naz is actually coming

  17. jonathan

    anyone who uses the word aforementioned needs some sex. You sound like a douche in a big way.

  18. sherlcok

    Is there anything worse than feeling unformfortable? And for the record, I don't find Columbia all that attractive. It is fairly busy by day, but becomes a large vacant black hole at night while the student body floods lower Manhattan in search of a nightlife.

    • common myth

      thanks for confirming you know nothing about columbia. the notion that columbia students flood lower manhattan by night in search of a life is laughable. I think you must be referring to the ungroomed masses of NYU students who inhabit the lower quarters.

  19. holy crap

    Hey, Columbia jerks-- you win. Good god, what an attitude. Good luck in the real world, but I guess you'll probably go right from Ivory tower to Daddy's law firm, so then again... Congratulations on your superior breeding. Just think, conceived a split second later and you could've been a peasant in Bangladesh. And then what you have to be elitist about?? There are no indie rock bands there, nor freshman orientation! You certainly couldn't refer to Brooklyn in a stinkmouth sort of way, because if you were lucky enough, you might be able to emigrate there in order to drive a cab. More likely you'd wind up in Queens. Queens!

    I'm sure Ike had just this scenario in mind when he bought Campus Walk-- better to be able to close it down, in case students want to enjoy popular music without the sweaty masses impinging on their freedoms to sneak Natty Lite and hit on cute-for-ivy-league girls.

  20. hahahah  

    guys. i am a senior in the college, so that should "validate" my opinion, no?!

    okay, no. but that doesn't mean that i don't think you're all so lame, critical, and pseudo-hipster that i get sooo ill thinking about it--and totally skip over and don't read your longwinded comments--YOU'RE LAME, WERE EFF'ING the LAMEST IN HIGH SCHOOL, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE LAME '4EVA' (can someone please shoot me for actually typing that 'word', scare quotes or no?!). get over yourselves. columbia does not the "ultimate pop culture critic" equal. get drunk, be depressed, and match the stereotype. 'tis what you're destined for, in any case.

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  23. jonathan

    who said columbia students are hip? They are 23 subway stops from anything resembling hip.

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