1. wirc  

    even condensed, it's still not funny!!!

    • actually  

      I thought this version of the fed way better than previous ones. it's too bad that it regresses to crude sex and potty humor when the semester progresses and they run out of columbia/PC shit to make fun of. that, and they recycled all their cartoons...except the most famous one...

      • correction:  

        Actually the vast majority of the cartoons were new, and the most famous one has been printed but just not on the cover. All but one article is original, which means that some of the classics unfortunately got cut.

        People just want to feel like punks here.

  2. some info

    we at the fed are really proud of the fact that we manage to put together an orientation issue each summer despite not having our staff on campus. We do recycle some material in order to facilitate this, but also, this issue is geared towards the new freshman, so we like to think of it as a sort of "classic fed" thing for those who haven't read it before

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