Facebook Watch: the wow they suck edition

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Upenn’s newspaper, the Daily Pennsylvanian, has a fine article today in which they venture into the belly of the beast and, um, interview them.

Money quote: “Deitch added that the site’s new features are permanent, and will not be removed despite ‘vocal feedback.'”

Which is why Bwog continues to ask for decidedly unvocal feedback, in order to get our beloved Facebook back as well as fight the truly breathtaking obnoxiousness evinced by its overlords: Go quit Facebook.

(Hat-tip: Ivygate)




  1. Great Wall of China

    Hey, just curious...could a Bwog editor respond? This Facebook series you're doing definitely crosses a line from straight reporting into advocacy -- don't get me wrong, I love it, I'm just wondering if this is like a one-time thing or if blogs are just naturally allowed/expected to take sides.

  2. i'm pretty  

    sure the bwog was never just straight reporting. that would be completely lame.

  3. plus  

    facebook does objectively suck now.

  4. Great Wall

    OK. Keep up the good work.

  5. ivygate

    am I the only one in love with nick summers and his cool new ivygate blog? he's hot, too.

  6. whoa, really?  

    Who the fuck is nick summers?

  7. annoyed user  

    i dont get it, why is facebook so insistent about this? NO ONE likes it, people have said they're not going to update as often, how can this possibly be a good thing for facebook? last spring when they changed it to show how many total friends you have rather than how many friends at your school, there was an uproar - a much smaller one - and they changed it right away. honestly, it needs to be more user-friendly, not more "let's see what new feature we can come up with."

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