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  1. friedrich engels  

    that photo is awesome, though I've no idea how it relates- a mockery of NSOP's "re-education" sessions? a reference to cuba? something to do with vaclav havel? or just another way to annoy chris kulawik?

  2. DHI  

    "The lives of average American kids these days are pretty much set from the time they emerge from the womb. They spend their elementary-school years preparing for the most demanding middle schools, which ready them for the most elite high schools, which then increase their chances of being accepted to the most selective universities, which, after four years, prepare them for .."

    I like how Kulawik's opening sentence is already a gross mischaracterization of the "average American kid"

  3. on the average  

    columbia student, he is right on.

    • DHI  

      The text inside the link is actually an article by Avi Herring, not Kulawik's article. Apparently the Spec's website is still not working too well.

      But the idea is that saying that average Columbia student is the average American is way off, and can lead to only considering a certain, small class of people when you think about our country. Just because a lot of people who end up around you had the exact same path doesn't mean that it actually describes most people.

      • John Klopfer  

        You are correct: the opinion article was improperly posted. It should be clear that we were making fun of the Spec, and not of Kulawik. Now that they've fixed it, QuickSpec doesn't make so much sense.

        • John Klopfer  

          Sorry: meant to say also for those of you who thought it was unclear: 'taps JTS student' means 'taps Avi Herring.' I figured people would read the whole article, and hence see Avi's name. Or at least realize that Kulawik would never have written that.

          I am re-posting to strike through the headline. Read closely, folks.

  4. DHI  

    Bwog, while it appears in the online edition that Kulawik's column was the one written by Herring, in the paper edition he has a separate column in which he talks about the foundations of the conservative movement in the core.

  5. hmmm  

    people are so quick to rebuff and attack Kulawik that they read only what they want, neglecting those little things LIKE A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT AUTHOR

  6. shouldn't  

    the bwog remove the link and story if they're completely wrong; one look at the spec opinion website would confirm this.

    It would help if Bwog "editors" put their name to their posts.

  7. multiple posts?  

    Is this a firefox problem?

  8. actually  

    Firefox seems to store "postscript" data or some such info; every time T refresh, my last comment gets posted. For example:

  9. actually  

    Firefox seems to store "postscript" data or some such info; every time T refresh, my last comment gets posted. For example:

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