1. obvious  

    still no comment about The Eye? i understand the first issue of B&W is out this weekend, but despite the fact that the spec mag is admittedly badass, i was sure you guys were going to come up with something.

  2. Ah!  

    I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but The Eye sucks.

    • How so?

      Want to elaborate a little more on that insightful comment?

    • umm

      you're dead wrong on that. I don't have any allegiance to one publication or the other, but objectively, the eye is good.

      • Ah!  

        1. The layout was amateurish, though I liked the cover.

        2. With the exception of the Koch interview, the pieces weren't particularly compelling. (The humor page was especially dismal.) Thanks for the review of the Paris Hilton record, though! I hadn't heard she made an album.

        3. It was a bizarre and particularly uninteresting first cover story to run. While it's great that your writer has the hots for the institution of Vanity Fair, he failed to deliver anything remotely new or interesting. If you're going to write about internships, I want to hear hilarious, fascinating stories about consulting / finance / goverment jobs or at least something a bit off the beaten path.

        There's always next week!

  3. Also  

    4. Though certainly a clever and witty play on the title of our campus newspaper, I think it's a little odd to name your paper after a well-known and well-read Toronto weekly.

  4. i agree  

    i thought the cover was great, but the inside designs could have been better. i also was expecting a more compelling lead story, but i think for the first issue, it was a valiant effort and i'm hopeful that things will improve as the semester progresses.

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