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Bwog was going to do QuickEye, and cheaply summarize Spectator’s new weekly magazine for our readers, but their website isn’t up yet. (We weren’t ignoring you!)

You can find the pdf here.

If we could link, we’d say:

Rich kids can afford unpaid internships!

White kids can join all these amazing cliques!

Osama bin Laden = buzzkill.

Ed Koch (heart) Hillary Clinton


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  1. so worth the wait!

    So the arrival of a direct rival student news magazine, which will come out four times as often as yours, goes completely without comment.

    B&W is a lot younger than I thought.

    • Avi Zenilman  

      Isn't the above post a comment?

      • Not really

        It's a fine summary, but you know what I mean: some kind of accompanying statement. It's my personal opinion that an org with more stones would have done that.

        (eye)baller: very good point. But being a big kid on the block, like Bwog is, means you have to make that call.

    • (eye)baller

      Eh, give them a break. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they say nice things about The Eye, they give their rivals publicity, and everyone assumes that they're only playing nice because they don't have the balls to say what they really think. If they criticize The Eye, everyone assumes they're just being petty. It's really a no-win situation.

  2. white kid  

    "white kids can join all these amazing cliques"

    yeah, because ethnos only stick to their kind...

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