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gossipWe’re all gaffeurs, but our gaffes aren’t half as interesting as those of our distinguished faculty (and staff). The Bwog presents to you this week’s finest moments:

 A staff member walking out of the Hartley Customer Service Center, to another:

    “I’ve got a baseball bat back in my office, if you’re gonna need it.”


A necessarily anonymous language professor (translated) speaking of university president Lee C. Bollinger:

    “Yes, he’s got a certain virility; it’s the virility of a Cro-Magnon, but all the same…”

Professor Brigitte Nacos, during Mass Media and American Politics, speaking of Katherine Graham at the Washington Post:

    “She was a woman. She had no idea how to run a business.”

Spotted (Spotlit?):

    Professor Michael Seidel’s bald forehead, by a huge, colorful projection of the Microsoft XP “Start” button, for a good 5 minutes during his Thursday Joyce lecture.

Thanks to contributors Lenora Babb, Lydia DePillis, and John Klopfer.

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  1. no she dint

    oh fuck. that. shit. on kay graham!

  2. in fact,  

    it's spelled Lenora

  3. J Train  

    Now, if Professor Nacos had been a man and said that...

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