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Jamal Joseph, the new chair of the School of the Arts film department, apart from being a former Black Panther, Harlem theater stalwart, and all-around artist/activist, also has the unique distinction of having authored a recent biography of slain rapper Tupac Shakur.

Joseph gave Shakur, who made a posthumous $5 million last year, the royal treatment, with his Tupac Shakur Legacy being packaged as an “‘interactive biography,’ with removable reproductions of Tupac’s hadwritten lyrics, notebook pages, personal memorabilia, and a CD featuring rare interviews.”

And, yes, we got this from the CU homepage, and, yes, there is a Q&A with Joseph up on the site.

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  1. tell us something  

    that wasn't already on the default page of every computer on campus

  2. soooo

    i don't understand why this means we know how to party? perhaps it's because we know people who know someone who CAN party? i'm so depressed right now.

    • History Lesson  

      #2, the parallel Bwog is trying to draw is to the hook of Tupac's hit song "California Love," which goes "Cali-fornia, knows how to party." The original subject line for this post had the dash in Columbia, but it has since been edited.

      The more you know.

  3. Tupac is lives!  

    I wrote this post a long time ago, a real long time ago.
    It was the dopest song I ever wrote … in ’94.

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