Democratic Double-Trouble

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Bwog found an article on a college Democrats blog written by Seth Flaxman.

sethsBig deal, you say? Well, we’re not talking about
that Seth Flaxman.

CC’s perky president has a doppelgänger, Seth Flaxman, Harvard ’08, involved in Harvard’s college Dems. We made an inquiry into the matter. Seth’s reply:

Yeah, we’ve known about each other for years, friends on the facebook, etc, he’s destroying me in google hits on our name right now. And we even made sure we met when he came to visit once and almost worked together on a dems project last year.

Conversation went like this outside butler sophomore year:

“So, it’s good to finally meet”


We both take out digital cameras.

“Right, so, we both know why we’re here”



  1. perk·y (pûrk)  

    Pronunciation Key Audio pronunciation of "perky" [P]
    adj. perk·i·er, perk·i·est

    1. Having a buoyant or self-confident air; briskly cheerful.

  2. sakib  

    lost in this story is that harvard dems oppose khatami's visit. i'm glad their attention is so well focused.

  3. Ah Bwog,  

    your tag humor is beyond compare.

  4. hah  

    We both take out digital cameras.
    "Right, so, we both know why we're here"

    awesome exchange.

  5. Ah!  

    They dress alike - how creepy - though I think our President is a bit better looking.

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