1. golly gee,  

    what a quality picture.

  2. wow  

    ouch bwog. ouch. but true. sometimes truth hurts.

  3. classy  


    then again those imperialist american chimpymcbushhitlers should realize that youre views are the correct ones on foreign policy if they expect not to reap such attacks.

  4. cut the sniping.  

    theres a commemoriation on sunday for the 2700 troops whove died fighting in the post-9/11 conflicts. they're going to line up along 5th ave over 90 blocks. should in interesting.

  5. J Train  

    SUA is non-partisan and does not have a statement of either support or opposition to the war in Iraq...

  6. yah  

    DIAF bwog.

    if you're so concerned about the legitimate loss of innocent life in related conflicts, then devote a separate post to it--don't snipe a legitimate and good activity

  7. Sad  

    It's sad that a non-partisan group who just wants to pay tribute to those who died on 9/11 constantly faces partisan people who try to tear it apart.

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