Morty Dubs On the Decline?

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downGossip from the Morton Williams frontier! Iggy Cortez overheard this tidbit in the meat section of our favorite gouging grocers:

“It was the two managers… the guy manager said they were down six thousand dollars this week. The woman was shocked and, if I heard correctly, said, ‘Well, what about X?’ and the male manager said, ‘He comes in once in a while, but mostly uses FreshDirect.'”

Bwog can only speculate as to the significance of this snippet. Have there been $6,000 in losses? And what about the mystery spender? We prefer to imagine a Columbia bigwig waving thousand-dollar bills and demanding truffles and Beluga.



  1. DHI  

    "Down" in retail often means down from a sales goal or from the same week last year. It seems more likely that this would be the case than them actually losing $6,000. Consider as well that it is hard to really calculate losses for a week since a lot of costs are monthly or are paid for by corporate and wouldn't necessarily even by known by the managers.

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