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Today begins a weekly feature in which Bwog brings you more of a popular component of the print magazine: selections from Word documents left on public Columbia computers. We’re constantly amazed at what you guys produce.

If the pirates set up a system where there needs to be no more than one dissenting vote, the captain must allocate the coins in a way that he can be sure he will survive. Therefore, he must realize #4, being next in line for captain, could very well be power-hungry. Because of this, the captain must realize #4 is very dangerous to his survival. In the case that there are just two pirates, the captain could take all the coins because there is only one other vote to worry about. When there are three pirates, the captain must be sure to satisfy at least one other vote to be sure to preserve his own life. To the captain, it would make the most sense to satisfy the lowest ranking pirate because he is not bloodthirsty.




The matriarch of the family reminds us that taking another life is never easy, but this is the price needed to be paid if the world continues to eat meat.


These queens, as young as children, shine in all their glory, a stark contrast compared to the character, with her swollen feet, and oxygen tank.

There must be something in the water. To make all those kids start acting crazy and buy guns and go shooting up their schools. This is what Billy’s Grandpa told him.

As the article goes on to explain some of the elites went so far as to get positions in the government and then to use this power in order to benefit themselves as can be seen in the first article with the guy that made himself mayor.


Ellos formaron iglesias, y muchas organizaciones culturales, y fueron bien representados en trabajos técnicos y en los equipos de béisbol profesional.

Who came up with Avogadro’s Number?

 According to T.A. Furtsch from the Tennessee Technological University as written on his website (, Avogadro’s Number was not calculated by Amadeo Avogadro.


Eight months’ worth of espionage goes to waste because the Russian does not understand the customs of the land.  He fails to revere the holiness of the lama and of his chart, and violence ensues.


The problem here is of different signifiers.  The coolies see a holy man teaching his disciple, while the Russian sees a dirty beggar haggling for money. 


That is why I do not live to be very good or excellent; I live to be the best.

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  1. whaaaa?

    is this what happens when people trip on mescalin and then write a bwog entry?

  2. The first one  

    is an attempted answer to a problem that Adam Cannon tells the class in his Intro to Computer Science class (W1004). I don't remember what it is, but it involves a pirate captain trying to divide booty among the crew in a way to maximize his own income while still avoiding a mutiny.

  3. bwog lovers  

    keep the digi posts. they are great.

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