1. John K.  

    The Low dome would collapse. That would be ironic.

  2. ken  

    we need to bring back ken hechtman, master of uranium, last seen captured by the taliban, who was the last known mortal to ascend to the rounded heights of low.

  3. we're columbia!  

    let's one-up MIT in the best way we know how -- hold a protest. On the roof of Low.

  4. stuff like this

    can happen at MIT, but never at columbia because MIT doesn't have 4 security guards for every acre of campus

  5. According to CBS  

    "The students are the ones who put the prank up, but the school is in charge of taking the annual props down. This year, MIT police received a 15-page instruction pamphlet on how to take apart the fire truck."

    This would perhaps explain how they got it up there.

  6. prankster  

    I'm the one who took the picture :). Pranking is tough at CU because there is no space to prepare your works. Getting them on the dome is easy. If any of you know a large space where construction can happen easily, email [email protected]

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