Overheard: Deconstructing Race and Gender

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In IAB, after Foner’s Civil War Class

“You’re taking badmitton as a gym class?  That is SO the best way to wake up in the morning.  Are you like a champion yet?”

“Well…I’m the best white person in the class”

[Insert witty pun about the Civil War and badminton here]. 


Overheard on 116th near Riverside Drive

Guy: So, do you hate me?

Girl: Noooo, I don’t hate you.

Guy: Really? You don’t hate me? You hate me.

Girl: No! I really don’t hate you!

Lull in conversation. Girl starts giggling.

Guy: What?

Girl: My skirt is just so short!

Kudos to James Dunbar and Hannah Goldfield for hittin’ up the bwgossip alias. 

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