Thursday Room Hopping – The Big Blue Ball edition

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Bwog doesn’t have the cash to “pimp your room,” and we certainly don’t want to raid it and then date you. So we bring you the semi-weekly Thursday feature, the “Cribs-esque” Room Hopping… continuing with Bwog’s new afroed acquaintance…

ed on ballEd Trefts, C’08, has few items in his tight Shapiro single. The room is an excercise in minimalism, but he’ll tell you this wasn’t an intentional design statement. “Its just how it turned out, and how I sort of am,” he said.

His room contains naught but bed, books (mostly of the retired CC variety), sustenence (in the form of a box of Cheerio’s and some potato bread), and a big blue ball. Oh, and the pump for said big blue ball:


“My dad sort of wants to bond over exercise, so he got me this ball and he insists I take it wherever I go,” Treft says, just a bit irritated.

“My room’s pretty spare and [the ball’s] a cool thing to have. You can sit on it. So that’s cool,” he says.

night of deadTo characterize the room as completely barren may be an exaggeration — his Night of the Living Dead poster hangs forebodingly over his bed. He likes the director, George Romero.


And there’s a stack of poker chips on his bookshelf. Not for poker, but for fiddling with in concentration.

Have a tricked-out dorm, or wish to volunteer a friend/foe’s room? E-mail [email protected], and we’ll send a correspondent to scrutinize your living space for next week’s edition of room hopping!

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  1. i like this fellow  

    that is all.

  2. indeed  

    he seems like the first intriguing person (personality wise) i've seen amongst all of bwogs personals and cribs posts.

    not to mention its students like him who eventually grow up to either be a ridiculously good director or some other quasi genious.

  3. knickerbocker

    Nice post. It's raining.

  4. yo avi  

    you should recruit him. he is a good writer.

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