Adventures in Stupid Bureaucratic Planning

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paperworkToday, 12:30 is “Baker Blast” and opening day for Columbia’s football team. Community building, right?

Oops. Thanks to a joint effort by the Student Development and Activities (SDA), the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), and Activities Board at Columbia (ABC), all student leaders — under threat of freezing their clubs’ accounts– will be busy  undergoing “basic training” from 9 AM to 3:30 PM, where they learn how to fill out tax forms and  undergo appeals processes.

 Don’t forget your TPS reports!





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  1. College Board  

    and guess what is going to keep students from going to the well planned-out Homecoming Game?

  2. Bureaucrat  

    And guess how many of us care about football anyway?

    You know, Columbia's problems with attendance aren't due to scheduling issues, it's really more that we just don't care that much about sports.

  3. Reader  

    In other news, at least a dozen Fordham fans could be seen walking around today's street fair between 110 and 116 looking for the football stadium.

  4. pres of abc club  

    in other news, today was the biggest waste of day of ever.

  5. go columbia!

    well, we crushed fordham. it's the first time a coach has won his first columbia game since probably before the us put a man on the moon. crazy.

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