NYPD Smackdown

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bustSorry Carman kids! The biggest party you didn’t need an invite for was shut down just as it got rolling, at about 12:30 AM. According to witnesses at the scene, KDR (a.k.a. the basketball frat) had packed its house and sent revelers spilling onto 114th st., prompting campus security to call the NYPD. In addition, AEPi had been forced to relocate AmJam from Mona to its brownstone, heightening the confusion. The cops managed to reduce the crowd  of milling onlookers to the density of a typical Saturday night, with the help of beefy KDR guys, who hustled to avoid sanction by the university.

Oh, the pitfalls of success! Bwog wonders: are there not enough parties to occupy this freshman class?

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  1. Obviously  

    this is where the Stend overflow has gone.

  2. quote of the night

    CU Cop, 3:30 am, KDR, to respond to a fire alarm: "This fucking place again?"

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