CCSC Meeting – Justify Your Existence Edition

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nonstopThe Columbia College Student Council came together as a big family this evening, doing their big happy student council thing. This week, they were joined by the 40-odd freshmen running for 2010 class council, one of whom asked the e-board to enumerate student government’s accomplishments last year. That took some thought, but veteran council members managed to make a convincing case that CCSC does, indeed, matter.

First-year campaigning starts tomorrow, and Bwog has an early favorite: the Nonstop party, who showed up to the meeting in coordinated orange outfits. Mad props, yo.


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  1. wow  

    is that a line of CUE people I see?

  2. CUE stands for  

    Columbia Urban Empire

  3. Anonymous  

    I can't see who homegirl in the hat is, but otherwise, yes, it looks like a line of CUEers. Holler!

  4. whoa  

    the eerie cue/ccsc connection continues....

  5. hell yes  


  6. CUEr annoymous  

    Love the outfits--and the posters! GO NONSTOP PARTY!

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