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Yesterday, the Lions played a football game. Freshman CUMB member Christopher Morris-Lent weighs in.

The hiring of head football coach Norries Wilson was accompanied by much fanfare and high hopes for the future of the historically futile Columbia football team, which had won its first two games in 2005 and proceeded to lose a nice eight straight contests.  Yesterday, fans were given their first opportunity to see the new and improved squad in action. 


At around 12:30, the two adversarial teams took the gridiron.  Barely a minute into the game, the first Columbia passing attempt was intercepted by the Fordham secondary.  But the Rams failed to convert, and the Lions managed to work its way up the field and kick a field goal to go up 3-0.  Columbia kicked off, and Fordham received the ball fairly deep in its own territory.  Columbia scored off of a Fordham turnover to go up 10-0, which some spectators facetiously termed an “insurmountable lead”.

Indeed the lead would prove to be insurmountable.  Fordham notched a touchdown early in the second quarter for its seven and only points of the afternoon, and Columbia answered with two more field goals, putting the score at 16-7.  Later in the same quarter, Fordham looked certain to score again and pull within two points, with one of its players breaking freely towards the end zone.  But he was hit a few yards from the end zone and fumbled, which eventually led to another Lions touchdown.  The score at halftime was 23-7.  After the short break was over, the Lions never looked back, capitalizing on additional Fordham mistakes to score two more touchdowns in the second half and put the Rams away for posterity, 37-7.

Did Columbia outplay Fordham?  Most definitely, but then again, it also did so during its otherwise horrid season last year.  Furthermore, the enormous margin of victory was as much a result of multitudinous Fordham mistakes as it was Columbia’s skill.  It’s probably still too early to pronounce the Columbia football team saved, but at least the Liberty Cup is still in good hands.



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    This article was not meant to be accessible to true sports fans. Give me Kornheiser anyday.

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    After reading this, I might be done with bwog. As someone posted on [email protected], this website has really gone downhill since the spring.

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  4. this is actually  

    a pretty good quick summary of the game. none of the trappings that you see with spec. just the play by play.

  5. NYT

    The New York Times had a really nice story today.

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    Also: every publication is worse in the fall, because all the old editors graduate. the only exception is Spec, which transitions at the end of fall semester and so is lousy every january february.

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