QuickSpec — Victory! Edition

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  1. interesting  

    "I'm especially for erotic literature (it's the writer in me)."

    Who's the writer in Miriam? Is she fucking someone with talent?

  2. Avid reader  

    Spec is beautiful lately

    • seriously  

      Despite the fact that the opinion editor writes a stupid column, Spec has done really well in the past week.

      Today's issue was a nice change of pace. It was good to see a football story on the front page, and the suicide story was fantastic

  3. really??  

    this was the only decent issue i've seen since school started.

  4. interesting  

    Oh, God, there IS DEFINITELY something more unintentionally hilarious in the Spec than Miriam's's this heinous attempt at fiction:

  5. quiqui  

    For once, Miriam seems to have written a column not entirely based on goofiness and awkward giggles. I actually liked what she had to say about porn. Though I do wonder at the expertise of a sex columnist who had never seen porn until college...

  6. suicide  

    one of the most meticulously researched and fair pieces spec has ever run. it was a little surprising to see, actually.

  7. rich jews??  

    talk about international banking?? Are you retarded? That was the most absurd description of an article I've ever seen on Bwog. Has anyone over there ever heard of Joseph Stiglitz? (and p.s. i-banking isn't short for international...)

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