We’re quietly turning into Sims.

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laundry legendThat’s right. Sims. A quick look at LaundryView’s new website will confirm that administrators think a polygonal world is the best one for us when it comes to deciding where we’ll do our laundry. Of course, this virtual reality is still far-enough removed from our own that it requires a legend to be understood.

Maybe someday soon the square edges will be rounded and Sim-Columbians will be motion-captured into laundromat life. Until then, the best we can hope for is that someone will fix Hartley’s laundry-room viewing, because Bwog knows there’s no way all those machines are free. Bwog knows because Bwog was there.

laundry view

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  1. Thanks!  

    Thanks for reminding me bwog! All of my clothes are dirty!

  2. mlp  

    It also doesn't show the inch of standing water you have to wade through to get to the John Jay luandry room.

  3. hartley...  

    hartley is offline...

    47 CLAREMONT (1)
    BROADWAY (1)
    FURNALD (1)
    JOHN JAY (2)
    MCBAIN 2ND (1)
    MCBAIN 3RD (1)
    MCBAIN 5TH (1)
    RIVER (1)
    RUGGLES (1)
    SCHAPIRO (1)
    WATT 1ST FLR. (1)
    WATT 2ND FLR. (1)
    WATT 3RD FLR. (1)
    WATT 4TH FLR. (1)
    WATT 5TH FLR. (1)
    WATT 6TH FLR. (1)
    WIEN (1)

  4. Rousseau  

    While we're talking about laundry, can we come up with a social contract about removing your shit etiquette? From what I've discussed with friends of mine, 10 minutes after the cycle ends seems to be the appropriate grace period, after which point you are fully justified in tossing their shit on a table. Would everyone else agree that this is the case and that any anger on the part of the evicted is unfounded?

    • John  

      Well I don't know about ten minutes, but finding a spent fabric softener sheet and wiping off any spilt detergent before tossing the shit on top would be really nice. That, and making sure you haven't dropped socks behind the machine, or stolen someone's detergent.

  5. casey  

    I give them thirty seconds to a minute. However, I will try and put wet clothes in an empty dryer if possible.

    The laundry rooms this summer were shitholes. Nobody picked up their clothes for hours on end.

  6. Anonymous  

    It's really annoying that Hartley is offline.

  7. DHI  

    Ain't not everyone got no time to be always picking up they laundry on the most strict schedule, now.

    So yeah I'm okay with my shit getting put on a table as long as it's not damaged or stolen.

    And the Sims was a great game.

  8. Tactical  

    My general tactic is the second the door is open or the wash cycle ends, assuming noone is around, I throw the offender's laundry onto the ground (preferably onto an unidentified liquid spot) and stomp on it.

  9. if someone  

    doesn't pick up their laundry, i feel fully justified in leaving some bodily fluids (and solids) in their dryer. It's only fair, though the offenders would have you think otherwise.

  10. Ten minutes  

    ...seems legit to me. Although I (knowingly) left my stuff in the washer for nearly an hour after the cycle ended because I couldn't leave my room during House.

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