QuickSpec — Class Consciousness Edition

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  1. PLEASE  

    stop linking to page 2 of a story. Link to page 1.

  2. So do we think  

    that Miriam was admitted ED?

  3. actually  

    columbia catches up to UPenn in financial aid reform (princeton made this change back in 1998, and one upped it in 2001). We're still WAY behind the others.

  4. bah  

    typical delusional columbians. we're a much poorer school than harvard, yale, or princeton. "catching up" is not something we can necessarily do without sacrificing a lot in terms of resources directed at other areas- sacrifices those other schools don't have to make. after harvard and princeton ended EA, columbia needed some gesture to show its concern for poor students, and this was the best it could probably do under the circumstances. luckily the lenfest gift is occurring simultaneously which seems to have taken some of the pressure off financially.

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