Bwog Public Service Announcement: New Comment Policy

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bwog adDear readers:

In response to user feedback, Bwog has recently added an official Comment Policy as a permanent feature of the site. Comment thread discussions are part of what makes Bwog valuable and entertaining, and we want to make sure the chatter remains civil. We’d love to know your thoughts–feel free to weigh in on this post and tell us how we’re doing.

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                        Taylor Walsh

                        Managing Editor, Bwog

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  1. mario savo  

    the Man strikes again, and free speech loses.

  2. Incognito  

    Damn! Where is PrezBo when you need him?

  3. Oh, please.  

    Don't throw down the first amendment line here. They're just trying to keep total assholes from writing demeaning, cruel things about other students.

    I'm surprised Bwog waited this long, although I've noticed horrible comments that have been deleted before.

  4. sam


    next you're going to start requiring us to DESCRIBE A COLOR IN ONE LOWERCASE WORD

    it's like a sobriety check for bwog comments!

  5. max  

    How about fixing the messed up RSS feed?

  6. free speech  

    should be based on a policy of self-censorship. internalizing the censorship is a dangerous trend. mill would be spinning in his grave.

    still, there are a lot of douchey posts, so whatever.

  7. great  

    this is ridiculous. the bwog was a surprisingly fresh forum where columbia could comment, sometimes rudely, on things pertaining to our college life.

    anyone who took offense to some of the posters' language or ideas should not bother visiting here. Has anyone noticed that while the internet does not have censorship, somehow society has not collapsed?

    nice job fucking this one up, taylor & co.

    • uh whatever  

      Everytime I've seen a comment blacked out, it was fairly obvious from the ensuing commentary that the offender had managed to offend more than the bwog's sensibility. The discussions on this site can be as useful and influential as the posts themselves. Who knows, maybe the administrators read our comments, too. Maybe they care... Why ruin it by distracting everyone with shitbag comments?

      And I can see why the editors would want to make people bother visiting this site. It's no use if people avoid it as if it were [email protected], which is in fact the appropriate forum for being a total unreasonable douchebag.

    • Anonymous  

      Please feel free to comment rudely about college-related topics. Bwog is ultimately about creating a fun, entertaining, and (sometimes) scandalous community. We're just not interested in allowing students to slander, libel, or viciously assault other students.

    • dude  

      there are no longer humans - this constitutes a breakdown, no?

  8. CDS  

    A lot of the policy is basically a disclaimer so the Bwog editors can distance themselves from the shit their commentors say: that's just plain necessary, given some of the prejudiced and ignorant remarks people feel entitled to make anonymously.

  9. I object  

    to all the profanity on this website. As much as I enjoy Bwog's witty and entertaining prose, I am absolutely appalled at the amount of profanity the censors allow on this internet forum. Each time I come across such a comment, I cringe in disgust and have on more than one occasion been brought to the brink of vomiting from the vulgarity on here. I would like to place a formal request that Bwog begin to enforce profanity filtering, as well as grammatical and spelling filters. After all, this is the internet, and everything should be upheld to the highest moral and qualitative standards.

  10. rumour has it  

    that Bwog received a stern talking-to from the powers-that-be at ABC after a certain now-deleted post that triggered a string of comments demeaning a person

  11. thanks, bwog  

    reading this comment thread and the last together was really illuminating. it's nice that there is a fairly open debate on community standards here, even if it's sometimes a little incivil.


  12. great  

    now drudge is going to make columbia look like it loves ahmadinejad. check the frontpage this can't go over well after all the mealac stuff

  13. [email protected]  

    free speech lives on at

  14. yellow  

    more like bored at suck-ler

  15. but hannah!  

    they told you to wax them off! this is all about method, you see. must be an eyebrow-wax-seller...

    anyway, if you keep them, you won't have to paint them in with eyeliner thirty years down the road, which will save you money AND face. my grandmother is living proof of this. why she chooses a reddish pencil is beyond me, but it is disturbing.

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