QuickSpec — Persian Puzzle Edition

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  1. wtf?  

    yeah, good idea, lisa anderson. let the protests begin.

  2. nice  

    I'm sure it's a huge accident that they invited Ahmadinejad when every Jew on campus whose grandparents were tortured by the Nazis will be in a Rosh Hashana evening service.

  3. re: nice  

    dude, he'll be speaking in the morning.

  4. ummno  

    Ahmadinejad's a Nazi?

  5. Elsa

    Where will he be speaking?

  6. Casey  

    Who is Shany Mor? What is his back-story?

    Whay to drop the ball, Spec. Who is 'javonni judd'? I can tell they're cool because they spell their name like e e cummings.

    Fight the man! And capitalization!

  7. i love google  

    it seems his uni is still active:

  8. let me tell you  

    it's a good week to be spectator.

  9. Speaker  

    He's not coming to speak. Sorry to disappoint.

  10. ps  

    ee cummings is an asshole

  11. whoa  

    they un-invited him.

  12. hrmm  

    since feeling is first
    who pays any attention
    to the syntax of things
    will never wholly kiss you.

  13. dr zhivago  

    Shany was a Poli Sci PhD candidate, not a history one. Way to fact-check, Spec! His advisor basically changed the rules of the department behind his back and after the fact and threw him out under the pretense of "failing an exam" that he'd actually passed a month ago no problem. Then the university ran him through the ringer.

    CU better get their asses together about that, or it'll wind up on the front page of the New York Sun again. The guy deserves an actual hearing and some sort of compensation for having his life repeatedly upended.

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