1. hmm  

    nothing about the pro-NYU cover story?

    • ack  

      methinks bwog might be protecting one of its own

      • hm...  

        Is it actually protecting? I'd say more avoiding a conflict of interest since he writes for both. As a Speccie, I'm always pretty flattered when they QuickSpec one of my articles, even with the snarky link titles. Granted, it does then draw attention which occasionally leads to scathing comments from anon Bwog commenters which can sometimes suck, but publicity's publicity. I never saw QuickSpec/EyePoke as malicious as much as it is a snarky way of saying "Hey, here's what's happening over here."
        Besides, Brendan's a talented kid and the Eye article is great, so he doesn't seem to need much protecting.

  2. uh huh  

    it's not exactly pro nyu. but the cover looks nice.

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