Getting it on at Carman?

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Bwog has been tipped off to a seemingly inexplicable makeover: the bathroom near the swipe desk in Carman has been redone and turned into a “Lactation Room.” Most seriously. If you are a woman, a baby, or handicapped, you can check it out. And, by all means, do. The possibilities are endless.


As are the ruminations. Continuing Education makes an awkward advance? Fertile first-years? It’s your guess.

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  1. Wow  

    Life is a beautiful thing.

  2. well  

    after kulawik tipped off the administration about that abortion loophole they're now going to have to close, who knows how many future columbia legacy admits will be spawned in drunken carmen hookups?

  3. kulawik was wrong  

    how? i agree they won't change anything. but, i'm pretty sure he was right.

  4. EC resident  

    They've popped up in the Law building too! Kulawik: pro-life, and pro-MILF. it's gotta be his doing.

  5. who the hell is  


  6. mmmm  

    best set of tags ever.

    and yeah, I unfortunately had to go to carman to pick up a package today, and it was definitely there. just wow.

  7. voxclamantis?  

    do you love dartmouth or john the baptist.

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