Bon Voyage, my heart. That You Go Intrepidly.

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For those of you who missed the dance at the Intrepid Museum because you weren’t OLs or freshman during last year’s NSOP event, and for those of you who need to walk down the memory lane of that night one last time, you should hurry up and go, because the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is on its last leg. Specifically, the ship is going in for repairs starting October 1st. Luckily there’s still a bit of time, and the ship is hoisting anchor with a bang: next weekend there will be special exhibits, fireworks, and prizes.

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  1. Reader  

    And don't forget that with the CUArts Passport to New York program, it's free!

  2. nbf  

    is on it's last leg?

    it is last leg?

  3. WHY  

    the hell is that the "CUarts" Passport to New York program?

    It's been around for seven years...

    They've gotten good at taking credit for things..

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