Bwog’s Week in Review: Money, Sex, and Nuclear Proliferation

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Whew–Bwog is taking a breather from an eventful week, full of diplo-gaffes and celeb sightings. Meanwhile, the leaves are turning quickly. Take the last week of September to hit the books in Central Park!


 – In important news: Princeton pretends it was going to do it anyway, Columbia pretends Princeton didn’t do it eight years ago (although PrezFlax takes credit), while jilting the leader of a nearly nuclear rogue power. Good move!

– In largely irrelevant news, Spike is spotted in Hamilton, Denzel kicks it uptown, there was some religious holiday, and Stiglitz hates on the system (although not as much as EC hates on suite 1202).

– In hot tidbits, professors are ogled (but we know they have sex on the brain too), sororities are officially a cult, exhibitionism makes our day a little bit brighter, and kids these days…

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  1. meeeeeeeeeeeee

    it's 3 in the morning and i really cannot stand my economics textbook right now. thank you, bwog, for being here to save me from the gutters of the private and public sectors.

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