Photoessay: Brooklyn I Love

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Photos and commentary by Bwog Photographer Sumaiya Ahmed.


I have been to the Borough Hall section of Brooklyn a few times. The Arabic quarters there are facinating. I never tire of Sahadi – it is sort of a legendary grocery – or the baklava from Damascus bakery. Is it the oldest Arabic bakery in New York? I’m not sure, but I’ve heard something like that being said about the place.



All you have to do is take the 2 or 3 down to Borough Hall – it takes about 40 minutes – and you’ll find yourself in this place that is at once residential and happening in a very quiet way. It’s very soothing to walk around there, coming across families walking down the streets, doing their groceries. I took pictures of some of the windows.








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  1. borough hall?  

    I could have sworn all the middle eastern grocery places were on atlantic avenue, and near the stop of the same name. is borough hall a closer stop, or is this another area altogether?

  2. cool photo essay...

    i forgot what a fucking market looked like.

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