Race for 2010: Alma Matters

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This week, Bwog will be featuring candidates for leadership of the Columbia College class of 2010. Tools? Visionaries? You decide–vote next Tuesday!

Mark modesittPresident, Party:
Mark Modesitt, Alma Matters

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana

Home Dorm: John Jay

The man: I am from Indiana where corn and cows are more abundant than people. My floormates often kid me about my Midwestern accent, but overall, I am an outgoing, well-rounded guy. I am an Eagle Scout, stay active by running and swimming, and enjoy nature as much as I enjoy the city. My most treasured experiences have definitely stemmed from by involvement in Student Government.  My prior leadership positions have included Class President, Youth Mayor of Evansville (IN), high school representative on Senator Evan Bayh’s Youth Council, and Student Council State Vice-President.

The plan:
There are many ideas I plan to implement that I believe will enrich our first year here.  First and foremost, I want to set up an efficient Class Council that will serve as an effective means of communication and networking for the Columbia College Class of 2010.  In addition, I would like to add new programming components to the Freshman Class Council while maintaining continued programs such as the Grandfather and Father Class functions and the Winter Formal.  I hope to be able to unite our class and promote a positive atmosphere for inter- and intra-class interaction.

Historical figure with whom he most identifies:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Ice cream flavor with whom he most identifies: My friends say I should be bubble gum because I’m a little goofy, but I would want to be Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip because I’m cool like that.

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  1. Erf  

    No plans to cover the SEAS '10 race?

  2. he's cute  

    ...and that's reason enough to vote for him. freshman officers never get anything done anyway.

  3. 5 bucks  

    his facebook thing says men looking for men

  4. rp  

    Evansville, Indiana seriously has a hugely disproportionate amount of really attractive women. Anyone who's been there can attest to that. It has little else to brag about though and on the whole I would never admit to having lived there.

  5. Anonymous  

    Take it from someone who knows him - Mark is not a very good person. He's judgmental and rude. Please do not vote for him

  6. king shaheed  

    YOUTH MAYOR? BUBBLE GUM! WHOA THIS GUY REALLY *IS* GOOFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hey  

    #6, are you a fan of "freaks and geeks"?

  8. Mark  

    Just to set the record straight - I am interested in women.

  9. Claytoya!!

    Omg, Mark is one of the most responsible, caring, and truly compassionate guy ive met on Columbia Campus! None of other people i know running for Freshamn President has half the character, intelligence, and determination. Anyone who has negative things to say about MArk obviously doesnt know Mark! Anyone who commented on Mark's sexuality and political views without posting their names has no balls and so their opinion holds no weight!! EVERYONE VOTE FOR MARK BECAUSE HE HAS THE MOST TO OFFER!!!!

  10. homophobic mark  

    mark IS a homophobe. verrrry judgmental of other orientations / races. seriously. interesting that he likes showtunes... ?

  11. alma supporter  

    interesting how you say MARK is judgmental when you're trying to indirectly comment on his sexuality because he likes showtunes.

  12. oooooh

    my. god bless indiana.

  13. carman resident  

    hm, i wonder how mark mondesitt feels about theft and stealing alcohol?

    maybe he could address that in his campaign since he seems to have first hand experience

  14. jj.  

    how about locking himself in his room with a drunk girl

  15. Mark  

    If anyone wants to libel/slander my name, that's fine. However, notice to the people that might read these comments - if someone is not willing to put their name behind their comment, it is not true. I understand that by running for class president, I am putting myself out there to get preyed upon by others, but honestly, what these people are saying is completely bogus. If you really want to be an informed voter visit the Elections site to view the platforms and info. of all candidates; don't let bwog sway your vote.

  16. jay  

    actually i stole the alcohol bitch, not mark. whoever wrote that is a lil fuck for not giving their name.

  17. chris  

    hahah what a little bitch. He accuses someone of stealing alcohol or something, and can't even do it face to face, or even write his fucking name down.

  18. drunk girl  

    for 1, i happen to know mark's not gay, and 2, i'm pretty sure john jay doors don't lock from the inside.....

  19. ALMA MATTERS!!!!  

    this is so lame....i'm voting ALMA MATTERS!!!! they're the only ones that actually have a platform that will get stuff done.

  20. ????  

    who is there besides Alma Matters?

  21. ????  

    who is there besides Alma Matters?

  22. hot girls  

    Alma Matters has the most attractive girls by far. Molly, Prikyanka, and Julie are FIIIINE! They have my vote.

  23. leah  

    mark is th cutest most adorable most sincere man i have ever met. he deserves to win and alma matters is a hot party name, just for the record. They should win not only on the platform, but also on their freakin creativity!

  24. vote me for rep.  

    I must say that as a candidate for frosh rep. on another party, Mark is definitely the most qualified candidate. I want to vote for him but feel that I need to stay loyal to my party. It really bothers me that all these people are saying rude things about him on here. DON'T listen to it people. Mark is a great guy, and is the best candidate for class president. I hope you're all smart.

  25. jj 8 resident  

    mark has fucking cleaned up people's vomit on our floor. that has to count for something

  26. Bwog Staff  

    We'd like to remind commenters that, although these threads are a forum for open and lively debate, insensitive and disrespectful language--especially concerning someone's sexuality--is unnecessary and unwelcome. Keep it constructive, guys.

  27. hot girl  

    mark is the only one with actual experience. all the rest of you presidents dont have squat on him.

  28. People For Reality  

    Frankly, like in REAL politics, experience is no measure of ability... Especially condsidering the actual relevance of a student government position, experience counts for very little. I think we can safely say that this is a job where no work is required and no experience needed.

    Vote for the party with the coolest posters! DUH!

  29. im drunk right now  

    Um, as far as experience, Party of Five's president AJ has had a ton of experience, Mark isn't the only one.

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