Race for 2010: Party of Five

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This week, Bwog will be featuring candidates for leadership of the Columbia College class of 2010. Tools? Visionaries? You decide–vote next Tuesday!


President, Party: AJ Pascua, Party of Five 

Hometown: Union City, California

Home dorm: John Jay

The man: I’d normally refer you to my publicist, Mark Zuckerberg. But I’ll make an exception. My name is Anthony Guiuan  (Ghee -wan) Pascua Jr. but I go by AJ. I’m a political science major and I want to practice law in the future. I live for conversation and I love to watch comedies; I’m not much of an intellectual but I try. One of my favorite things to do here is to dissolve the palpable awkwardness of elevator rides. Music: hip hop and alternative, and even a little Beethoven.

The plan: As president, I would like to actually inspire and catalyze change. Fortunately, student government in college, unlike that in high school, can turn thoughts (or at least some) into action. I’ll make it my priority to communicate the concerns of the Class of 2010 to the respective Columbia departments and administrators in an effective and efficient manner. If I have to stand in front of Bollinger’s house to make sure that our class’ concerns are merely acknowledged then I’ll do it. Miscommunication is truly the root of most, if not all, problems; miscommunication is therefore my sworn enemy. 

Historical figure with whom he most identifies: Well, according to Quiz Galaxy, I most identify with Amelia Earhart. I guess it’s the boobs and my aeronautical prowess.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what you would be, and why: Mud Pie Mojo from Cold Stone, obviously.

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  1. i say  

    go party of five!!!!!

  2. umm  

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?

  3. This is so lame.  


  4. you are pathetic  

    the most pathetic aspect of this entire situation is that the only way some people can express how they truly feel about others is on anonymous blog posts. absolutely f'ing pathetic.

  5. Jennifer  

    Party of five is seriously the best, LOVE YOU AJ

  6. Maggie  

    AJ is the hottest guy. I love him and am planning to vote for him!

  7. mark  

    why i am voting for aj pascua:

    he isn't trying to be friends with every soul he spies in a childish attempt to garner votes

    he doesn't have 437 friends on facebook, 99% of whom he doesnt know (ahem alma)

    party of five actually has a platform (my favorite plank: removing ridiculous tuition costs for study abroad)

    he doesn't steal vodka from his fellow students

    and! he's down to earth. if you don't believe me, meet him.

  8. John Smith  

    this kid has like no experience wtf is up with that?

  9. random JJ resident  


  10. hahaha  

    hahahaha. sooooooo true

  11. concerned lion  

    are members of ccsc allowed to make comments like that about candidates?

  12. i love you  

    i love you, seth flaxman

  13. josephine  

    i love you aj!!!!

  14. John Klopfer  

    Of course; we never want scandals. What, incidentally, was the ugliest sex scandal of the decade? Oh, Bill Clinton? Really? I never thought of that! Did you?

    I hope you feel worthless now. I also hope 14 feels worthless; perhaps doubly, for his lack of originality.

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