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vermontWoah. Hold on a second. Did anyone else know that Vermont had plans to secede from the Union? Bwog certainly didn’t—although, in all probability, neither did the vast majority of the residents of Vermont. The plan is being discussed in the forthcoming First North American Secessionist Convention, organized by The Middlebury Institute, which is expected to attract…well…maybe fifty people.

Despite the diminutive scale of the conference’s following, however, Columbia professors are, as always, planted firmly in the know; two of them, Eric Foner and Todd Gitlin, are quoted in today’s New York Sun giving their opinions on possible secession. Sadly, neither is in favor.

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  1. actually  

    this is a pretty old group. definitely around at least since the 2000 election

  2. correction  

    secession, not succession

  3. and of course  

    there's been a facebook group about this for awhile now

  4. see also  

    also check out the free state project. a bunch of libertarians moved to new hampshire (and are trying to recruit others) so that a libertarian candidate could have a better chance of getting elected.

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