Race for 2010: Nonstop

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This week, Bwog will be featuring candidates for leadership of the Columbia College class of 2010. Tools? Visionaries? You decide–vote next Tuesday! 

sueName, party:
Sue Yang, Nonstop 

Hometown:  Rochester Hills, Michigan

Home dorm:  John Jay

The woman: I would describe myself as an independent, decorating obsessed, font

addicted (I have 2,789 fonts!), optimistic, sleep deprived but still always energetic, self-motivated, and hardworking individual.  I love marketing, advertising, and entrepreneurship with a passion and dream of working in the business realm.  Currently, I plan on majoring in Economics-Political Science with a concentration in Psychology. I am a shopaholic…in New York…enough said.  I love New York, but I am HEAD OVER HEALS in LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE with Columbia, which is why I now serve as an overnight visit coordinator on the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee…GO COLUMBIA!!

The plan:  Whether or not I am elected as president, I will strive with 110% effort to

put the incredible, incredible Class of 2010 (CC ‘X!!) in the record books!  As president, I will empower each fellow classmate and advocate his/her needs and wants at Columbia.  As CC ‘X, we are the new generation of Columbia students setting new traditions.  We will throw the most memorable socials and events including possible  blacklight toga parties, powderpuff football among the classes, staff vs. student games, and “Room Raiders: Columbia Edition”. Aside from fun and games, I also hope to work with student council and the entire class of 2010 in creating a student life fund to  provide for improvements in the laundry room, dining plan, dorms, and various other aspects of student life.  Class of 2010, join me in nonstop passion, nonstop commitment, nonstop spirit, nonstop community, and nonstop party!

Historical leader with whom she most identifies
:  I identify most with one of my greatest role models, Michelle Bachelet.  I greatly admire her strong independence, relentless dedication to her country, and unwavering will.  These virtues helped her overcome oppression and torture, eventually rising her current position as the first ever female president of Chile!

If you were an ice cream flavor, what you would be, and why
:  I

scream, you scream, we all scream for Moose Tracks ice cream!!

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  1. Samantha  

    Yeeeeeeaaahh Michigan!! this girl obviously deserves to win

  2. meeeeeeeeeeeee

    michele bachelet is a socialist. socialism sucks.

  3. cynical.  

    this girl seems like she's on speed.

  4. spelling!  

    I'm HEAD OVER HEALS for anal retentiveness!

  5. aaahhhh!!!  

    make it stop!!!!!

  6. overwhelmed

    Yikes. Calm down, sweetheart.

  7. ummm  

    i'm pretty much out of breath after reading that...

  8. Anonymous  

    wins, I'll protest the next day. Wake up! This is the real world, not your fantasy. gotta be realistic to win this shit.

  9. haha  

    I think it's funny that someone registered the identity, "if she."

  10. Someone  

    obviously doesn't know what it means to register an account.

  11. what the  

    hell is up with these coked out freshmen? I can drink a gallon of super sweet extra dark coffee, but I still won't bounce off the walls as much as these kids. I can't help but wonder if these resume-pumping freaks are just faking it. Come on, they have to be. Not even Alma Mater LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVES Columbia that much.

  12. A CC08 fan  

    Seriousy, what is with everyone's resentment of happy people? SUE has energy and integrity, as does the rest of her party. Anyone who meets her knows that she's not sugar coating it, she's just actually very passionate about Columbia - which any class president should be.

  13. Remember  

    on saved by the bell when jessie got addicted to caffeine pills? Sue, are you so excited that you just can't hide it?

  14. Teehee  

    This girl is awesome, FONTS RULE MOTHERFUCKERS.

  15. senate  

    you should probably consider running for a university senate position in the spring

  16. that  

    photo makes me want to have 73H |3U7753(|

  17. passion  

    What's wrong with a little passion? You scared?

  18. Anonymous  

    Nonstop's posters rule. But yeah, I love Sue Yang.

    What's with all you upperclassmen being eager for us first-years to become jaded? Lay the fuck off, it'll happen in time. Let us enjoy being naive, holy hell.

  19. ghetto boy  

    you need to decelerate and get off that E please. we cant have this hyperness this is nyc not cali.

  20. i thought  

    I thought "Rick" was spelled with an "i," not Sue's favorite punctuation mark. God, take it down fifteen notches.

  21. glad im not cc '10  

    Sue Yang should be every freshman's nightmare. She's like a cracked out motivational speaker. It's one thing to have goals and be motivated, it's another thing to be downright annoying and fake.

    if the freshmen vote nonstop, i'll lose the little respect that i have for them as is.

  22. Mark  

    I think all of you missed the boat on this one. Sue Yang is a great girl and would do an amazing job as class president. I am honored to be running against her. For those of you who say Sue is over zealous - so what! She is excited, and I'm excited to get to work with her in some capacity and be her friend for the next four years. I feel like people are trying to divide all of us that are running against one another, but in reality, we all get along great. Whatever the results are tomorrow, I am confident that all of the freshmen will become united and work together to make our first year as Columbians amazing.

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