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columbia seasVoting for the SEAS 2010 class council started today! All you fresh engineers have until 6:00 PM on Friday to cast your ballots online (yes, the ESC has its shit together that much). Barring a hacker in the system, one of the three candidates profiled after the jump will lead your class for the next year, and perhaps beyond. Choose wisely!

Oh, there are actually four candidates, but Joseph Youssef of the SOC declined to answer Bwog’s request for information. Shame, shame.


heatherName, Party:
Heather Lee, The SHT!

Hometown: Calabasas, CA

Home dorm: John Jay

The woman: I feel that I’m very approachable, easy to talk to, responsible, and diligent. I want to promote class unity and remove unnecessary problems. I’m doing this because I really want to make this year memorable. I have lots experience in leading a body of people, and hope to do the same for the class of 2010!

The plan: The SHT! is here to make students’ lives easier and more enjoyable by pushing for:

– Wireless internet networks in dorms

– Reorganization of scheduling, so you can get into the classes you want

– Master keys at each dorm’s security desk, so you don’t have to run to Hartley in your towel.

– Longer campus café hours on weekends for those all-nighters, and three meal options at John Jay instead of two

– Cooler laundry rooms, so you don’t sweat it

– Working elevators for Carman

– More class events, including SEAS only events

– Microwaves in all Carman halls

– Toilet seat covers in all floor bathrooms!

Dream engineering project: I would have to say a cure, if not then a different treatment, for cancer. Someone I am very close to has cancer, and it is difficult to see her go through current treatment options. I genuinely want to engineer some sort of alternative, if I cannot find a cure.


whitneyName, party:
Whitney Green, Fuugle

Hometown: Union, NJ

Home dorm: Carman

The woman: I am a lively, energetic, and enthusiastic person.  I come alive when I am around people and oddly, I enjoy working hard. My absolute favorite thing to do is laugh. I am a music fanatic and I am known for my beat-boxing skills.  My main focus is to impact people’s lives. I want stick out in someone’s mind for no reason

other than that there was something special about me. I want to be unforgettable and irreplaceable. Finally, I want to help the world love life as much as I do.

The plan:
I know I will be an awesome president because I have a lot of experience in leadership and I am dedicated to student council.  I truly believe in the efforts of student council and what it can do for the student body.  It has become a passion of

mine and I wish to share that with Columbia.  I know how to get people excited about ideas and I also enjoy pulling together people’s thoughts for the best possible outcomes.  I believe in leadership and it is something that I personally work on every day.

Dream engineering project: If I could engineer anything, it would be something in health care.  I am thinking about majoring in biomedical research because I feel it truly changes people’s lives. Treatments are always improving and I would like to be a part of that.  So I will probably engineer some kind of treatment for a major and troubling disease.


kennyName, party:
Kenny Rivera, Nonstop

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Home dorm:
John Jay

The man: So I’m Kenny Rivera and I’m a big fan of adult swim, console emulators, tunnels, and, as of late, Snapple.  Before selling my soul to the big city, you could find me around the beaches of South Florida surfing and skimboarding.  I intend on doing some applied mathematics during my stay at Columbia with a focus on bioinformatics. Oh…and I beat box too.

The plan: The SEAS Class of 2010 is the class that will be pioneering the new

decade and, as such, are charged with establishing a new set of standards for the next generation of kids that grace the halls here – I believe that together we can make that change.  People say that we’re not in the 80’s and 90’s anymore and, one day, people will say that we’re not in the 100’s(?).  I’m not afraid to take the stand as we usher in the new era with bold confidence.

Dream engineering project: Declined to answer. 

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  1. Carman  

    Whitney is the shitzle.

  2. Anonymous  

    Out of all the candidates, I've only really spoken to Whitney (and that's because Fuugle came to serenade me at my dorm). Fuugle seems really approachable, or, rather, they seem to be the ones who approach you. At least that was part of their platform. Which is absolutely fine for lazy-asses like myself.

  3. Fifth candidate  

    What about Sherwin...?

  4. gmann

    My vote, hands down would be for Whitney. She is absolutely the best candidate. She is serious about everything she does, in fact we call her the energizer bunny because she is always going a hundred miles an hour and never runs out of energy. I need to ask here what Fuugle means. Although, I am not sure I want to know.She also talks a hundred miles an hour some times. The girl is serious! She is first class and she is a winner. Don't just take my word for it, get to know her and you will see. she is smart, disciplined, energetic, considerate, innovative, focused, and good looking just like another prominent member of her family that will remain nameless but he is a really great guy. Don't waste your vote on any other candidate.

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