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sfdSEEJ has been papering the campus with their cheeky fliers advertising a graffiti/stenciling/street art event they’re throwing in Lerner tonight, and with Shepard Fairey’s Obey showing up on John Jay trays and artists like Banksy getting gala gallery events, this is Columbia’s version of getting hip to the times.

Overheard: Regarding the fliers, one of which states FREE HEROIN as an attention-getter, one student exclaimed, “Heroin?! That’s a bit much. Should have said cocaine, that would have lured us in.”

After the jump, the flier. (Will this get SEEJ’s funding cut, eh?)




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  1. to get the jump  

    you have to click on "read more"

  2. governing board  

    seej is in sgb, not club sports

    facist diane murphy has nothing to do w/ sgb

    therefore, no budge cut

  3. m. murphy

    don't be a pussy. inject heroin.

  4. Anonymous

    careful. Diane Murphy SEES ALLLLL!!

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