QuickSpecEye…World Upside Down edition

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  1. Dear Ms. Donnelly,  

    Your columns are never funny. They are usually sad or disgusting (see today's masterpiece). Please stop making everyone uncomfortable.

  2. If my roommate was  

    Donnelly, I wouldn't think twice about smearing doodoo on the walls.

  3. Ms. D question

    Does anyone know if her stuff for real? Or is she just making up stuff to try to be funny? And how many heroin addicts can she possibly know? I did I think her Hunter Thompson wife article was good, however.

  4. Disbelief

    Did anyone else read the pro-terrorism Op-Ed piece in the Spec?

  5. thanks!  


    btw- in the color check, pink doesnt work? is it magenta?

    EDIT: not magenta, but its blue now

  6. re: dems  

    notice how bin laden has never been to either palestine or iraq...
    israel fights war on terror against palestinians/lebanese
    america fights against iraqis and taliban
    bin laden is a convenient excuse for more convenient wars

  7. Shannon  

    Is hilarious, shes the only one who can make me laugh in butler and be rude.
    And her piece on Hunter's wife was excellent, why didn't you quick-speccing that?

  8. agree  

    I agree. The column was gross, but funny, and they probably didn't quickspec the Hunter article because they didn't get the interview...

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