Race for 2010: Stella

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This week, Bwog will be featuring candidates for leadership of the Columbia College class of 2010 Tools? Visionaries? You decide–vote next Tuesday!

jonName, party: Jon Hollander, Stella

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

The Man:
I’m from Canada and i am majoring in Economics/Political Science. I’ve spent every one of my past 7 summers attending (as both a counselor and camper) a Jewish camp in central Alberta. I am a huge fan of the Colbert Report, i enjoy classic rock, and my favorite movie is Lord of War.

The Plan:
As President i will want to tackle issues such as meal plan reform and wireless internet connectivity. I also want to place a strong emphasis on student council programming. I, along with my party have a great deal of experience planning large scale events, and we would like to use those skills for the benefit of the class of 2010.

Historical figure with whom he most identifies: Winston Churchill

If I were an ice cream flavor, I would be: Cookie dough, because it combines the two best things in the world.

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  1. does anybody else  

    get an al pacino in devil's advocate vibe from the picture?

  2. butler kid  

    CLEARLY ppl are gonna vote for you with that picture, man. I wish we had you running the bush campaign last time.

  3. joe  

    he's cute, but i wouldn't vote for a smoker

  4. juannie  

    did you notice how he said absolutely nothing about what he would _actually do_ or what he stands for?

  5. unimpressed  

    I went to the debate and haaaated the way he spoke. He had a really stuffy pretentious tone of voice. Meh.

  6. Anonymous

    well pretension is one thing; one thing that is extremely annoying.

    What he should get a break on is that he is a freshman. He's been in school for less than a month, of course he doesn't have real campaign issues, nobody really realizes what reforms columbia needs until later; when you have adequate time to get screwed by something.

  7. reforms:  

    1) have keys in dorms to avoid having to walk to hartley in a towel from mcbain.
    2) softer toilet paper
    3) swipe to vending machines in math and pupin

  8. uhhhh  

    Oh, man, we'll be able to swipe to get sodas in Pupin? YOU'VE GOT MY VOTE! Try again.

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