Bwog Public Service Announcement: Makeover!

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bwog adDear readers,

After eight months with the same front page, we’ve decided that it’s time for Bwog to update its look (check out a screenshot of our redesign here). The new interface will launch later this weekend, and you’ll notice some changes–we’ve kept all your favorite features, but tweaked the site a bit to make Bwog as pretty and user-friendly as possible. As always, comments are welcome– let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading,

Taylor Walsh

Managing Editor, Bwog



  1. meh  

    I would prefer it stay three columns to keep events at the top along with the other stuff. they're a bit more timely than "favorite comments" and the print magazine.

  2. the logo  

    is too big on the new one.

    the only thing thats been missing from this design has been 'recent comments', and a way to go through the post archive by title.

  3. pensive  

    I don't really like the redesign. I agree with above commenters that the logo is too big and that the three columns works better. The current logo is much prettier. Also, the little logos aren't so cute. And the color scheme looks like my dad's construction consultant website - tacky. The white background on the current is infinitely better. I vote no.

  4. nay  

    is it just my computer or is the type hard to read? I like this layout better -- plain and simple

  5. where

    did 'events' go? i'm assuming down below the screenshot somewhere? i like them near the top & easily browse-able.

  6. yay  

    i'm all for the new design, just with events near the top.

    god, what with the facebook feed and all, we're all being really picky with everything nowadays.

  7. no,  

    I vote against the redesign as well. I'm not sure why you would make the logo as big. Also, where are the events? I think the current design looks more restrained and makes more sense.

  8. ETh kind of sucks. Why is everyone making the move from classy to gaudy and awkward?

  9. Concerned  

    Yeah, this redesign isn't .. um .. nice looking. Sorry. Please keep bwog as is.

  10. agreed

    it's ugly. the current design isn't anything special, but at least it's easy to read. this is hideous.

  11. no!  

    Ugly. Keep it how it is!

  12. sucks.  

    in fact, the redesign can suck it.

  13. dear bwog,  

    no. please leave the layout as it is right now!!

  14. what the  

    Um, ew. The logo is huge, the right sidebar is way too huge, the font is pure Microsoft, and the main content area should be much larger.

  15. it's just...not good

    please, please, pretty please with sugar on top keep the current layout.

  16. i think  

    this version's better.

  17. I don't  

    mind most of the changes. The layout is more organized. The only logistical things I would suggest are bigger fonts, and widening the page/ putting the center articles closer to, otherwise its annoying when your eyes are drawn to one extreme side of the screen.

  18. rp this the same bwog that urged outcry, protest, and action when facebook made a change without asking us? or is this the same bwog that tells us about changes, gets overwhelmingly negative feedback, and still goes ahead with said changes without addressing complaints (at least acknowledge us and throw a bone our way like facebook eventually did). otherwise, im adraid i'll have to start my own bwog and order my readers to quit you like a bad habit! yes that's a threat bwog!

  19. haha

    you think bwog cares what you think? the horrible layout stays, and they're not even going to make a zuckerbergesque compromise... i hate you bwog.

  20. mlp  

    Way to waste 1/3 of my screen with a blank grey area. Whose genuis idea was this?

    The giant logo is just obnoxious too.

  21. whoa!  

    holy hideous bwog! this is really sucky.

  22. eew  

    these colors are ugly, too.

  23. well done!

    awesome, bwog. thanks for not listening to any of us. it hurts me neck just to look this far over at the screen.

  24. awful  

    This new format is really terrible. Please change it back

  25. time to repent  

    Go back. Fast.

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