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ftmThis Saturday night, the folk group Farm to Market will play what very well may be their last show at the Postcrypt Cafe. Founded in 2004 by guitarists/vocalists/songwriters Liron Kranzler, J.D. Porter, and cellist So Sugiyama, Farm to Market describes themselves thusly: “Liron, J.D., and So. Liron writes most of our stuff, sings, and plays rhythm guitar. J.D. writes some stuff, occasionally sings, and plays lead guitar. So plays the cello.” At right is a picture they drew of themselves.

According to groupie Josh Schwartz, Farm to Market’s insightful lyrics and lovely melodies are not the only reason to see them–they’re all really nice and love to see people at their shows.  And it’s free.

When: Saturday, September 30 @ 11:00 PM

Where: Postcrypt Cafe (basement of St Paul’s Chapel)

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  1. daniella  

    okay, I swear this will be the last time I post on BWOG today because this is getting ridiculous, but Farm to Market is _amazing_. definitely check them out. and if you can't, look at their myspace account for mp3s.

  2. mike pezley  

    threw down a nasty set of tunes tonight

  3. they  

    should be starting right now--11 pm.

    there are usually three hour long sets on fri and sat nights at the coffeehouse- 9, 10, 11

    i recommend going any night as there are usually great local acts-postcrypt is pretty well known

  4. awww  

    i didn't know there was a band, but i've heard so play and his music brings tears to my eyes! he's amazing. shame on josh schwartz for not telling me.

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