Race for 2010: Columbia Undergraduates Supporting Progress

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This week, Bwog will be featuring candidates for leadership of the Columbia College class of 2010. Tools? Visionaries? You decide–vote next Tuesday!


Name, Party: Matthew Kudelka,  Columbia Undergraduates Supporting Progress

Home town: Houston (TX)/Katonah (NY)

Home Dorm: John Jay

The Man: I’m Matthew Kudelka. I grew up in Texas although for the past two years I’ve lived in Westchester County, New York. I’ve played tennis and soccer most of my life, started Scuba Diving at age twelve, and enjoy improv comedy as well as surfing. In school, I like most subjects, like English, history, and math, although, presently, I want to be a scientist. I’m friendly, kind, and am passionate about whatever I do. Want to meet me? Just say hi. I’d love to chat.

The plan: I want to pull students more into NYC by providing more free and discount event tickets and discount Metrocards. I want to continue to reform financial aid for both students from low-income households and for students from non low-income

households. I want to improve student health services by requiring a student

health services representative to be available on each floor in each dorm a minimum of once a month and ensuring condoms are replenished regularly. And I want to decrease Columbia’s negative impact on the environment by instituting a lower-emissions policy for Columbia affiliated vehicles.

If I were an historical figure, I’d be: Thomas Jefferson, of course!

If I could be an ice cream flavor, I’d be:
Snickers, because everyone

loves a good laugh.

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  1. Again  

    I love the way these candidates use "of course." Maybe someone can help me articulate its function: is it supposed to be cute? Is it showing candidates' resolve and firmness of stance?

  2. joey crack  

    these kids think theyre going to make a difference in the world. sad.

  3. gag

    that last part about the snickers made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  4. mattkuldekafan  

    i love matt kudelka.

  5. Steph  

    I still think party of five is by far the best party

  6. kazzy

    it bothers me that he is passionate about whatever he does. aren't there things he doesn't like to do...?

  7. i wonder  

    if he's as passionate about teh buttsecks as he is about EVERYTHING ELSE. This kid needs to take some Ritalin(TM) and calm the fudge down.

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