What Does Cognac Taste Like Dodo Bird Sketch

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Not only does Bwog read your papers and listen behind your back, we can also see how you find us! Below some of the best searches that resulted in someone clicking on the Bwog…

Why does urine glow?

Olsen twins vending machine:

good places to get food if your a nyu student.

Punjabi verb conjugations,

salsa closet for ladies,

pretentious jokes.

Strip clubs morningside, height’s

chastity belt.

Sexual subliminal messages, herbal essences.

Hard core blue wig:

shaggy dog. Burn like a women

I got peed on.

Winsor or Columbia or Hate or Massachusetts Emma Gillespie

Mr. Bananagrabber.

Naked swordfights women pictures,

Honeydew melon masturbate.

Beautiful Uzbek romance language,

what does cognac taste like?

Hamster babies,



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  1. so...

    we told you not to change the layout. you didn't listen.

    ugly as hell.

  2. please  

    change it back, bwog.

  3. what i heard  

    Facebook advises you to QUIT BWOG NOW.

  4. juanathon wang  

    this is an awful layout...why do you find the need to ruin things that already work?? do you have nothing better to do? are you not busy enough?

  5. ooooh!  

    what is hidden beneath that grey space on the right, secret grey information!

    bwog, this is silly, I need a more centered format, my neck is broken from reading on the right side of the page

  6. pissed.  

    this is so awful. please change it back.

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