Please, everyone: friend John Murolo on Facebook now!

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Public Safety is now on the Facebook in the person of John Murolo, the Morningside Campus Director. Let’s all welcome him into our trusting community with open arms and many Facebook friendship invitations. It must be tough to come back as The Man only two years after graduating at the fresh young age of fifty years. Let us make the transition easier, together.



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  1. um. and no.

    what is this point of this post? i thought facebook was the devil.

  2. i think  


  3. hm.  

    Here I thought the message was that we should beware if Murolo friends us, since he obviously only joined in order to keep tabs on the student body. Jailbaiters, now is the time to start photoshopping out the drinks and bottles of rum from your underaged hands.

  4. sakib  

    what happened to that press release w/ the r-named dude and the racism?

  5. watcher

    Good reporting, Bwog.

  6. watcher

    Good reporting, Bwog.

  7. ehh  

    "La Reconquista es INEVITABLE" is a well-balanced, politically neutral comment.

    To the Minutemen, it represents the long odds they're fighting, in trying to defend American culture from the reconquista.

    To those who oppose the Minutemen, on the other hand, it's aspirational.

    sakib's a genius.

  8. also  

    who calls someone a jerk because of a political comment on the wall of a facebook group?

    you stupid fuckface twunt.

  9. sakib  

    who said i have to be politically neutral?

    if those were the job requirements, I wouldn't have taken the job. My guess is, neither would anybody else.

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